Fuck Productivity

Machines are meant to be productive. Produce more units of output in less time. We were meant to dance. We were meant to dance in the rain — soak in its magical powers. We were meant to spend hours on end laughing, playing and day dreaming.

Yet here I am — writing about joy instead of living it. I care more about the thought and its appeal rather than the thing itself. Why else would I be here?

Writing has always been a way of giving form to the intensity that brews within. Without a gentle, strong, free form — its can spill into all sorts of chaos. So here I am taking the first step of giving form to the restless, powerful, chaotic life that stirs and moves me.

The energy can flow onto the white crisp paper/screen with fervor and clarity in a simple word form. No longer spinning inside of me — spinning me with it. As it all settles into center and I return to the moment — the breathing is easier, senses more aware, the body present.

On to the next step now of moving into the next moment which will carry me away from this. See you in another moment.


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Aniqa Moinuddin

I am learning from nature to understand myself. I explore prevailing and emerging collective stories and mindsets. Realities emerge from dreams, words and acts.